1650 RAID - Fedora FC3

Shane Presley shane.presley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 14:12:28 UTC 2004

Can anyone help me with how to configure RAID on a 1650 running Fedora
FC3.  (Soon to be Red Hat ES 3).

Looking at the Disk Management, I only see one volume, listed as being
on the first physical drive.  No second drive is listed anywhere.

Looking at the Hardware Browser, I do see a Raid Device (Dell
PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Di). Under hard drives, I see
two drives (/dev/sda and /dev/sdb). It says that /dev/sda is a DELL
PERCRAID Volume and /dev/sdb is a DELL PERCRAID Mirror.

But looking down at disk information, they haven't sync'd.  

/dev/sda has a single LVM Physical Volume.
/dev/sdb has a bunch of NTFS volumes from the old Windows 2000 stuff
that used to be on that drive.

Removing the first drive causes the system to halt.  So it's not mirrored yet.  

Is there a RAID Tool I should run?


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