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Trevor Smith trevor at
Wed Dec 8 18:13:37 UTC 2004

On December 8, 2004 2:04 pm, Mark Haney wrote:
> Can anyone tell me of a good MP3 to OGG converter for linux?  Is one
> included with FC3?

In general, unless you can't play mp3, I think it is a bad idea to convert. 
This is because each format is lossy, throwing away some bits that it feels 
are not necessary. But they may each throw away different bits, resulting in 
a lower quality copy of a lower quality copy of the original.

That is, the mp3 may be 90% as "good" (for example) as the file it was taken 
from (the wav file) and the ogg may be 90% as good as the file it was taken 
from (the mp3, in this case). This means your ogg will only be 81% as good as 
the original wav file (in this example).

Compression should always be done from the cleanest source you have.

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