How to install FC3 from its ISO fils

Pybe squalidstuff at
Fri Dec 10 16:15:50 UTC 2004

> > I already have windows XP installed in my laptop. Please let me know how
> > I can install FC3 using its downloaded iso image.

First you will need free space to install fc3 too, unpartitioned free
space is good as the installer can sort its own stuff out with that
nicely. You will also need to have a fat32 partition  you can put the
images into and a bootable floppy drive.

Get this

Download the iso's into the spare fat32 partition, also get the
boot.iso put in the same partition and rename to glbf.iso. Boot off
the floppy and when the install starts choose the hd option and point
it at the partition with the iso's in.


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