Installation problem, FC3

112150 112150 at
Mon Dec 13 12:19:45 UTC 2004

	greetings to everybody. I am writing for the first time on this mailing 
	I have tried to install the FC3 on three PCs. Two of them made no 
problem, but with the third one there is a big trouble.
	It has an Asrock K7S8X Rev. 3.0 Motherboard with two Samsung 
harddrives: 80GB and 40GB. The HDDs are connected on one IDE cable. 
There is WinXP installed on the bigger one.
	When I install Fedora, the system boots from the CD, I can chose the 
language and keyboard and after that there is a strange "click" from the 
HDD and the system freezes. If I make a reset, the BIOS has problems 
detecting the drives. I have to shut the PC down and start it once again.
	What can it be? How can I avoid this?


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