Ctrl-A/E/U/etc in GNOME Apps?

Pete Toscano pete-fedora at verisignlabs.com
Wed Dec 15 15:55:08 UTC 2004

Matthew Miller wrote:
> That's only going to change the default editor (for programs that check that
> variable). It won't affect the shell keybindings, or keybindings in other
> apps.

My shell (bash) keybindings are fine.  They do what I expect them to do 
(ie. emacs-like).

> For bash, try "set -o emacs". Other programs will be different; for GNOME,
> try going to Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts, and set "Text Editing
> Shortcuts" to "Emacs". 

Is this in GNOME 2.8.0?  I looked at Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts 
and just got a list of actions and shortcuts.  Nothing referred to "Text 
Editing".  Is there maybe a gconf key for me to look at?


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