FC3 network issues

Alex White prata at kuei-jin.org
Sat Dec 18 15:41:54 UTC 2004

JonVO wrote:
> Loaded Fedora Core 3 on an AMD64, ASUS K8N, installation went pretty 
> well, found the sound card and the network card (NVIDIA chipset), BUT...
> WAN is REALLY slow, such that I cannot update either thru command line 
> or using a browser, it works but is bog slow. Tried external 3COM card, 
> also installed without problems, but it too is very slow. Wait for 20 
> sec to connect, then downloads are 1-2KB if at all.

You mentioned attempting to update, but you did not mention if 
this network slowness is true in -all- cases of downloading 
anything at all from the net. How about if you ftp some stuff 
from anywhere. How about downloading the kernel source from 
kernel.org, is that still slow?


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