DHCP configuration

Brian Richardson brian at cubik.ca
Sat Dec 18 22:20:28 UTC 2004

Claude Jones wrote:
> | Mind you, this is just off the top of my head. See
> | dhcpd.conf(5) to figure out how to correct my syntax errors ;)
> Thanks for the timely response, Brian. When you say "See
> shcpd.conf(5)" to correct syntax errors, unfortunately, you lose
> me. Where do I 'see' this? There is currently no dhcpd.conf file
> at all on my installation.

dhcpd.conf(5) is shorthand for "see the manpage for dhcpd.conf in 
section 5 of the manual." This is a rather common Unix-ism that you 
should be familiar with. A simple 'man dhcpd.conf' should find it for 
you. See man(1) for information about how the Unix manual is constructed.

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