Gnome Desktop and SMB / NFS mounts

Bertrand forumemail2 at
Mon Dec 20 17:43:26 UTC 2004

> hello All.
> Im using gnome for a time and everytime i love it more. before using 
> gnome, i was using KDE . i have several SMB and NFS mounts, such mounts 
> in KDE, the icons apear in my desktop automatically. in gnome that is 
> not happening and i dont know how to make them apear.
> i've tryed with links to their mount points, but soon i give up, because 
> somethimes they were not mounted.
> how can i make them apear? or such is not possible using gnome ?
> cheers,
> Bruno Santos

I have SMB mounts with Gnome & FC3. I think that to have them
automatically mounted, you need to mount them through /etc/fstab. If you
mount them using the cifs type instead of the smbfs, i noticed that you
need to have the "user" option put in order for gnome to automount.
Here is an example of my SMB mount in fstab:
//   /mnt/serveur   smbfs
rw,uid=bgirin,credentials=/etc/samba/pwd_bg  0 0


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