Linux Word Processors

David Mackintosh David.Mackintosh at
Wed Dec 22 13:32:55 UTC 2004

> > So, while I appreciate all of the recommendations thus far, is there
> > anything out there, besides OpenOffice and Star Office, that will do
> > this on Linux?  Again, no CrossOver or Wine; something that can run
> > natively in Linux, please.
> From rom your description, it sounds like you want Microsoft Word to run
> natively on Linux.

Sorry, I'm late to this conversation -- why is CrossOver not an
acceptable option?  While I'm no power Word user, I find that the $40
I spent on CrossOver to run OfficeXP was money well spent.  (I had a
task which required Excel, and CrossOver permitted me to run in an
environment I preferred while getting the job done.)

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