VMwareWorkstation 5 Beta

alan alan at clueserver.org
Thu Dec 23 03:47:10 UTC 2004

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Mercury Morris wrote:

> I would post this to the VMware Community Discussion,
> but I'm afraid that it would expose an email address.
> Although FC3 is not supported by VMware, either as a host
> or a guest, the topics are discussed on the VMware website.
> Access requires registering, extra steps that just delay access.
> So, what is this Beta like on FC3?  Not worth the trouble.
> Installation is smooth, but after that, the ride gets quite bumpy.
> Starting a guest results in a never-ending series of messages
> about waiting for a CoreDump.  The failing process has to be
> killed.  After applying a work-around for this problem (by setting
> LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.8) you learn that the Beta has been
> built with DEBUG permanently set ON.  You can't turn it off.
> The result: Guests run so slow, you think the Beta has died.

I thought the coredumps were just a problem with the Athlon64 I am using.

Oh well...  Thanks for the info.

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