ldconfig SELinux policy for /usr/local/lib

J. Ali Harlow ali at juiblex.co.uk
Thu Dec 23 10:51:56 UTC 2004

On 23/12/04 08:38:14, J. Ali Harlow wrote:
> Hi,
> I have what appears to be a bizarre problem with ldconfig. For some  
> reason it seems to have taken against a library which I installed.  
> This first happened in /usr/local, but I switched to /usr/devel just  
> in case there was something odd going on with that directory.
> # rpm -qf /sbin/ldconfig
> glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3
> # ldconfig -n /usr/devel/lib
> ldconfig: Input file /usr/devel/lib/libnhproxy.so.0.0.0 not found.


It seems the problem was my ignorance of SELinux. See:


Based on this, it appears that my policy on adding a new library to
/usr/local/lib should be to do:

# restorecon /usr/local/lib/lib*.so*
# ldconfig

after make install.

Does this seem reasonable?



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