Matthew Miller mattdm at mattdm.org
Thu Dec 23 15:37:55 UTC 2004

[confusing top-posting reformatted]
On Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 10:17:33AM +1000, Rick Raetz wrote:
> > > download from the Net. I follow instructions and then when I try to
> > > access a folder, I am unable to change permissions. I keep getting the
> > > message "you are not the owner and cannot change permissions"
> > What are the instructions that you're following?
> Whatever the read me describes to particular install instructions!

I don't have that readme here -- or if I do, I don't know which one -- so
it's hard for me to give helpful answers with the information I've got. It's
possible that the instructions are completely wrong (or don't properly
apply). Or it's possible that there's some confusing part that you haven't
understood and that's what's causing the problem. Or maybe, you're making a
typo. Please provide more specific information, and then we can give better

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