Generic Kernel in FC3

Brian Mury b.mury at
Thu Dec 23 22:24:58 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-23-12 at 11:00 -1000, Amy M wrote:
> I tried to compile the generic 2.6.9 using the stock config file from 
> FC3 kernel but failed.  The reason I want to use a generic kernel is 
> that the Netraverse patch (for Win4Lin) now only applies to generic 
> kernels.
> Could anyone who has happily used the generic 2.6.9 kernel with FC3 be 
> kind enough to post his/her experience?  Thanx.

I did exactly the same thing, for the same reason (Win4Lin), with no
problems. I got the 2.6.9 source from, applied the Win4Lin
patches (there are two, plus an optional patch to allow you to turn
REGPARM on which must normally be turned off in a Win4Lin-enabled
kernel), copied the Fedora config (config-2.6.9-1.681_FC3) to .config,
then built and installed normally. Not a single hiccup. I did make a few
minor changes to the .config, such as optimizing for my hardware,
turning on AX.25 support, etc, but nothing major.

In what way did your compile fail?

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