kernel settings with x86 hyperthreading

Fabio fmdf at
Sun Dec 26 15:20:47 UTC 2004


I would like to know if hyperthreaded x86 computers need kernel SMP option 
activated in order to use that feature.

Furthermore, in the above-mentioned case, I need to know if FC3 is provided 
with a default SMP kernel because I have to install the distribution on a 
hyperthreaded P4 box and only after a while I will have time for kernel 

My last question is about the hyperthreading itself: Do we really get 
improvements by turning on that feature? The kernel has been written with 
supported multiple CPU operations, so I think it would benefit from hyper., 
but what about KDE, konqueror, kdevelop, qtdesigner and gcc (these are my 
most used applications) ?

I thank you all in advance for each reply.


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