new fedora core3 installation

cfk cfk at
Sun Dec 26 18:46:10 UTC 2004

On Sunday 26 December 2004 09:44, Mike Klinke wrote:
> On Sunday 26 December 2004 11:10, cfk wrote:
> >  I seem to have fubar'ed the display settings as I get a bunch of
> > vertical lines after the KDE window manager boots. The system
> > displays correctly during some boot screens, somewhat
> > inconsistently. For instance, I was able to fill out the
> > firstboot screens including setting the display to 1600x1200 and
> > "thousands of colors" (16bit).
> The i810 video driver is broken with the original FC3 distribution
> but the latest xorg packages have gone some distance to fixing the
> problems.  After you boot up in run level 3 update your system with
> the latest xorg packages and it may fix your problems.  One
> work-around for many of us with the original FC3 driver is to add
> to the driver section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf the following line:
>   Option "noaccel"
> >  I suspect that I merely need to incantate inside the XF86-config
> > file, but I cannot seem to get a terminal window without X.
> > Alt-Ctrl-F1 doesnt work anymore on this particular system, and I
> > dont remember how to tell grub how to boot to run level 1 or 3.
> At the grub selection screen press the letter "e", navigate to the
> kernel line and press the "e" again, append the number "3" to the
> end of the line to enter runlevel 3.
> There is quite a bit about this problem in both the archives of this
> list, the fedora-test list and bugzilla.
> Regards, Mike Klinke

Dear Mike:

	Thank you very much for helping me through that one. I was successful with 
the "3" at the end of the kernel line in grub (the middle one). I can now 
boot the system, run X and changed the desktop to my preferred KDE with 
Option "NoAccell" in the "Device" section.

	A second question, if I may. Would I expect that a later xorg-x11-libs... 
file be a "yum" kinda thing and if so, how would I tell the version of a 
"yum" file before doing "yum update" or "yum install xorg"?

With Respect, Charles Krinke

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