DNS settings for wireless connection (was: Re: How to scan for wifi hotspots?)

Colin Brace cwb at lim.nl
Sun Dec 26 19:20:52 UTC 2004

Hi all,

Thanks for the useful responses to my earlier post several days ago. 
"iwlist scan" works fine for identifying WiFI hotspots, as does 

However, I am still having trouble determining the correct settings for 
the wireless device profile (eth1) in config-system-network.

If I configure it to automatically obtain the IP number using DHCP (with 
the "automatically obtain DNS information from provider" option turned 
on), on activation the program spends a minute or so trying to determine 
IP information before ending in failure.

However, if I manually supply an IP number such as, the 
connection comes up almost instantly, but DNS lookup doesn't work, hence 
I can't browse or do anything useful.

For eth0, the RJ45 wire ethernet connection, the DHCP lookup with 
automatic DNS setting works fine. I have no additional DNS or gateway 
entries defined.

Suggestions anyone?

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