grub hard disk error

shrek-m at shrek-m at
Tue Dec 28 11:48:15 UTC 2004

zomorf wrote:

> Running a 2 HD system XP on the hda 80g
> tried too install fedora on a 40 gig hdb when installation was 
> complete it came up with the error of grub hard disk error the only 
> way i could fix it was too reload xp from cd then do a recovery 
> session and the only thing that worked was FIXMBR in this session... 
> After this I could again load my xp so what could have gone wrong with 
> installing fedora? I used automatic install for partitioning anyone 
> got any ideas?
> xp is C: drive and fedora will be the D: drive hdb...

grub harddisk error = wrong disk geometry

please check your bios-settings

i had a similiar problem (no_dualboot, no_raid) with a promise-tx2000 
raid-controller (pci).

"hde" (boot-device) + "hdg" was unfortunately configured as raid1-array 
in the controller-bios
and grub could not boot after the installation = "grub harddisk error"

with both disks as 2 seperate  arrays (controller bios) all was ok an i 
could boot fedora.


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