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Wed Dec 29 00:12:02 UTC 2004


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> > On the
> > other three boxes I get "The folder contents could not be displayed", "You
> > do not have the permissions
> > to view the contents of  (Computer Name)".  All of the windows machines 
> > are
> > showing up in
> > "Windows Network".
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> Are you sure all your usernames and passwords are the same for each machine?

I am using a password server in my workplace, which have a very big
network.  My windows name is "nalwalovaton" and my local name in FC3 is
"william".  When I try to browse another computer in the network it
should ask me for the user name and password.

I used to have Mandrake 9 with Garnome installed (Gnome 2.3 BTW) and
this worked perfectly.  Now I updated to FC3 recently and I can't browse
the windows network now.

I have the same problem as Bradley. (I got the same error message)



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