squirrelmail does not send mail out in fc3?

Hongwei Li hongwei at wustl.edu
Wed Dec 29 21:49:29 UTC 2004

> Hongwei Li said:
> [snip]
>> 2. /etc/squirrelmail/config.php
>> $domain                 = 'localhost';
>> $imapServerAddress      = 'localhost';
>> $smtpServerAddress      = 'localhost';
>> $imapPort               = 143;
>> $useSendmail            = true;
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> You are trying to use sendmail not SMTP.  SELinux won't let Apache use

Then, what should I set to use smtp? just set the above to false?

Also, "Francisco Penaranda" <francisco.penaranda at padep.org.bo> said this
morning that his squirrelmail works:

we have the same problem in the job, but when we finish configuring the
iptables the problem was solved, try stoping the iptables service for a
moment and check if it works.

I wonder if he uses sendmail or smtp.

Hongwei Li

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