FC2 to FC3 and no cdrom

Osmo Laitinen ossi at pp.inet.fi
Thu Dec 30 15:15:24 UTC 2004

On Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 10:51:15AM -0800, Dave Stevens wrote:
> I upgraded to FC3 and have now no automount of the cdrom device. Is this 
> documented?
-- clip --
> So it seems to be there, but when I insert a known good cdrom I get zero 
> contents until after I manually mount it. I got automount in FC2. No hardware 
> changes, CD is cabled and jumpered as primary slave (hdb).
> Ideas?
> Thanks,
> Dave

If I remember correctly, there was a mention on this list on this
month that hal (or udev?) does not scan same ide channel where hd
is. And the cure was to attach cdrom to secondary ide, so it would be
hdc or hdd...

Tried to find that post, but that search thing does not seem to work
too well. Example:
 Search for udev. Search results: udev : 0 / 0

Sorry, your search for udev did not find any results.
No documents were found containing "udev".


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