Johnathan Kupferer johnathan at gnuthought.com
Tue Feb 3 02:39:52 UTC 2004

Chadley Wilson wrote:

>I am trying to get our in house app which connects to an SQL2000-ent
>sever to run in linux, I have the app running just fine but I cant get
>connection to the database,
>When you install it in windoze all you have to install is client
>connectivity, I have browsed the win dirs on my XP system but there are
>no files installed. but it works. 
>Cant I use the linux sql to some how get the link.

Can you give any more details on the app?  If its something that was 
coded in house, you may want to have a look at FreeTDS.org.  I have used 
it several times to do linux -> MS-SQL connections and the setup isn't 
as painful as you might think.

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