Promise Fast Track 378 TX S-ATA Kernel Module HOWTO for Fedora posted

Matthew Walburn matt at
Thu Feb 5 15:07:27 UTC 2004

Thanks for the feedback Dean,

> would it not be sufficient to install the kernel-source rpm , complie 
> the module against it and then copy it to where it would sit in the 
> kernel modules directory
> ie /usr/kernel..xx../modules/scsi/ module
> and then install the kernel this is what I have done with the ftxx 
> module and it has been working , that way it gets loaded automatically

I'm not saying that my way is the _best_ way, but I had zero luck with 
the ft3xx driver. The method in my howto is what worked in the end for 
me. I'm going to give the ft3xx another try though when I can.


Matthew Walburn, RHCE
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