RedHat, Fedora future?

Wade Chandler wchandler at
Fri Feb 6 00:49:47 UTC 2004

leam wrote:

>>Am Do, den 05.02.2004 schrieb Robin Laing um 16:50:
>>>Red Hat or SUSE for the enterprise? Hint: Bet the chameleon
>>i also wondered (and still wonder) why red hat has given up to compete
>>in the desktop-market. but i guess, with lindows, xandros, sun etc.
> now
>>also aiming for the corporate desktop, red hat has to invest more into
>>usability and polish if they want to stay competitive!
> Huh? Sadly, the article is about as clueful as the BBC one about
> arsonists and Linux enthusiasts in the same bag for the latest virus.
> Red Hat does have a workstation product called, um, "Work Station". Red
> Hat uses the same base code for WS, ES, and AS so your developers can
> code on a RHEL WS box and put it on a RHEL AS box and it should run.
> Yeah, I'll kep the word should. "Seamless" is not a software word.
> People seem to be confusing the home user market with the desktop. So
> Red Hat gives Fedora away to the home users and sells the WS to the Corp
> desktop people who have the money. Thus they have a product for most
> every range of potential client.
> Trash the article, spend your electrons on something better.
> ciao!
> leam
I have to agree with Leam.  I would also like to say , for the 
initiated, the article should have been enough to show the lack of 
knowledge the  author possessed on the topic.  It was full of incorrect 
statements.  The largest and most obvious one to catch for anyone with a 
sane mind was the statement about the Fedora name.  If you are posting 
to this list and couldn't figure that one out, I would like to be the 
first to ask you to never post here again because you didn't possess 
enough brain cells to read about Fedora before wasting your breath and 
others time.  All I can say is: Who in the world lets people that 
ignorant write articles on their website?  I can now only imagine how 
I'll never read anything on newsforge again.  That was a truly pathetic 
waste of time.  Enough said.


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