8139too driver has problem?

Scott Burns scott at mirrabooka.com
Fri Feb 6 06:48:44 UTC 2004

SHIBUYA Katsutoshi wrote:

> Hi.  I'm using RTL8139 based NIC and having a trouble.
> It works just fine at day-time but it frequentry stops working at 
> midnight (23:00-6:00 varing day by day).
> When it occurs, all communications via eth0 device don't work; ping 
> from the host to another host, ping from another host to the host, ssh 
> connections, smtp connections etc.
> When I unplug the ethernet RJ45 connector once and plug it again, it 
> becomes work well again.
> Once I tried "/sbin/ifdown eth0" then "/sbin/ifup eth0", but the 
> device was still stalled.


Try also removing the kernel module when you bring it down, then 
reinsert the module with modprobe.  Might help...

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