kde.3.2 first impression/problems

Alimin Bijosono Oei alimin_oei at myrealbox.com
Fri Feb 6 10:27:46 UTC 2004

david walcroft wrote:

>> Is it worth it -maybe- some additions 'kdewallet kopeto umbrello'
>> missing 'information in CC' but maybe in Kmenu haven't found it
>> yet.
>> Annoying -'kde window manager'popup - how do you turn it off!!
>> Getting Alsa and kde to work together.
>> I have reinstalled 3.2 twice on the hope I did it wrong,but printing is
>> stuffed (see previous post),so what is the safe (easiest) way to put
>> 3.1.4 back in.
>>   david

>Forgot to include how slowww 3.2 is compared with 3.1.4,whats wrong.

You could try deleting your .kde folders after saving whatever
application data that you want to keep, log out and in again, new .kde
should be in place and that did the trick for me.


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