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Sat Feb 7 06:12:45 UTC 2004

Hello Jim,

To follow Satishs' instruction (and a very workable one at that) you 
would need access to an account on an e-mail server which supports the 
IMAP protocol. The system admin. of the e-mail server would be able to 
tell you if the server supports IMAP.

Once you have this, you would set up the connection/account to the IMAP 
server in Outlook Express, then drag and drop the folders/messages from 
OE to the server (this is one of the features IMAP has over POP).   Once 
the messages are on the IMAP server, then you would set up the same 
connection/account in the destination e-mail client and drag and drop 
again into your e-mails' new home.

Jim Carlson wrote:

>>I would just transfer folders to and from an imap server.. (outlook ->
>>imap-server -> evolution)
>Forgive me, but how or where should I find info on doing as you suggested. I
>have tried the outport method, and it seemed to only make .txt files of all
>my messages.
>Your suggestion appears simple, but I do not know how to do as you suggest.
>Jim Carlson

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