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Sat Feb 7 19:11:59 UTC 2004

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I just had a simular problem with the portuguese keyboard mapping. I
now know that for changing the keyboard mapping you have to edit the
/etc/sysconfig/i18n file and change the LANG variable to another
keyboard present in the SUPPORTED variable. There should be a latin1
font for norway!

Hope that helps,

Telmo Silva <tsilva at>

Øyvind Lode wrote:

| Hi List!
| I have troble with Apache not displaying Norwegian HTML content
| correctly. Language settings in httpd.conf should be OK but it
| doesn't display Norwegian character lik "ØÆÅ" correctly...
| But this does not work when I log into the machine via ssh or
| directly at the text console... So I suspect that the problem is
| the keyboard mapping I have chosen. I selected NO keyboard in the
| installation process but I think I should have chosen NO Latin1...
| But I cannot find out where to change the keyboard mappings. I have
| tried to run the setup command from a ssh shell but could not find
| anything there and I cannot find the config file where this is
| stored.
| Anyone?
| -Øyvind
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