Cable modem, router, and nic

Jeff Vian jvian10 at
Wed Feb 11 00:57:51 UTC 2004

Peter Reed wrote:

> Michael Gargiullo wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 20:36, Peter Reed wrote:
>>>> I was about to purchase a cable modem, router and nic card Any 
>>>> sugestions on
>>>> what I should purchase for the above would be appreciated. I of 
>>>> course run
>>>> fedora so something that will be compatible with fedora would be 
>>>> optimal.  And
>>>> thank you for all the fine reading.
>>>> Peter Reed
>> Peter,
>>     Depending where you are, if you truly want to BUY your own modem, 
>> make sure it's upgradable to Docsis 2.0  ie... terayon 715 , motorola 
>> 5200, and a few others...
>> Any cable modem router will work just fine on 99% of the systems out 
>> there.  After you setup your modem and router, check the lease time 
>> on the router.  If you notice that you loose connectivity at t he 
>> half way point (ie 30 day lease, after 15 days your router looses 
>> connectivity) turn WAN ping on (It's a long involved DHCP issue..good 
>> reading though)
>>     You could always run IPTables and 2 nics on your fedora box 
>> (using it as the firewall).  This is what I run on the comcast network.
>> -Mike
> Thanks Mike,
> How about some good nics to use with linux?  Any Ideas?
> Peter
I have had good luck with intel,  any of the 8139 chip nics,  3com 
(most), and even a lot of the ne2000 compatible nics.
In general, if linux will see it and configure it at boot time it 
probably will work with little or no problems.

I use the solution with 2 nics regularly, and then configure iptables 
for the firewall.

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