a lot of problems can be traced to

Travis Riddle triddle at apfc.com
Wed Feb 11 07:45:43 UTC 2004

What are the disks you are trying to burn rated at?  Perhaps the disks
can't handle the speed of the burner.  

I have burned ISO's on 3 different burners, a Samsung 24x in my 2.2Ghz
Dell laptop, a 24x A-Open in an Intel Celeron 466 and a Samsung 52x in a
AMD 2800+.  All CD's burned without problems at max speed and all of the
cd's worked great.  As a side note I used Nero 5 and 6 on Win XP on all
three computers.  The CD's themselves were either Imation or Maxell.

If 3 burners across 4 computers have indeed failed, there has to be some
sort of common link that is causing the failure.  My guess is the media
itself at this point.

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On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 17:32, alan wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, amazing powers of observation wrote:
> > the burning of the iso image on to cd. checking the midsums and all
> > have found it better to burn the cd at ratio 1 to 1. if you go to
> > it blurs the data or looses information. remember burn slow and your
> > install will improve 
> If that is the case, then you need a new burner. Properly operating 
> hardware will not do that.
Maybe this is a bug I have just installed a brand new 52x writer and if
I cut @ anything over 16x my discs fail,
I swopped the writer three times and the same thing happens, I have
since changed the brand twice and I get the same results on 4 different
systems ranging from my first PC a p3 900 256mb ram
to my new P4 3gig with 1 gig ram. The funny thing is its no linux
because Windoze also does this

If you say the hardware is not operating properly then there must be a
manufacturing flaw in all these device, which is not impossible.
I will let the manufacturers know (Mitsumi, LG , MSi)

My 2 cents

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