Compiling ALL the SRPMs

Chris Adams cmadams at
Wed Feb 11 17:08:36 UTC 2004

Once upon a time, Preston <grammaton_cleric at> said:
> I have been thinking about doing the same (at least, recompile kde, qt, 
> postgres). Gentoo users insists that recompiling gives a big perfomance 
> boost.

Have them give you hard numbers in an "apples to apples" comparison
(i.e. take a system, install it with i386 code, run test, then
re-install it with i686 code and run the same test).

> A friend made a test comparing Fedora against Whitebox and get amazing 
> results running sql queries agains Postgres.

That isn't a valid comparison; Fedora and Whitebox (i.e. RHEL) are not
the same.  The kernels and libraries are different, and so is the build
of PostgreSQL.

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