Value of WinXP and RHPW [was re:User Linux]

jrt1 at jrt1 at
Wed Feb 11 17:38:14 UTC 2004

[edited, XP price changed from upgrade to full]
> > RHPW         $290 over 5 years
> > MS XP Home   $199 over 5 years
> > Do you see the price difference?
> Do the prices for
> MS XP Home + Equivalent Developer Tools + Adobe Photoshop + Decent Maths
> program + Complete Office suite + ....
> Just so you make a fair comparison.
> Then add Office 2003 to that at $369 for the full version:
> $199 + $369 = $568

Gimp has been ported to Windows.  Open Office is available for Windows.
So I think adding them to the windows price is also not fair.  However, it
is true that Open Office and Gimp come pre-installed with RH.

I use Linux because I like it, not because it costs less.  Ultimately,
we want the Linux experience to be better than windows.  Pre-installed,
useful software does help accomplish this goal.


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