yum vs. apt

Rick Johnson rjohnson at medata.com
Wed Feb 11 22:56:53 UTC 2004

David L Norris wrote:
> YUM Advantages:
>   Better mirror and failover support.
>   Supports multilib on dual 32-bit/64-bit systems (x86_64, PPC?, etc)
>   (My opinion: YUM repositories are much easier to create on demand.)

Let's add:
Cache can be shared between multiple machines to conserve bandwidth. 
I've got /var/yum/cache nfs mounted to a central server for all of my 
yum'd boxes. For a local network, this saves internet bandwidth, at the 
cost of some update speed. But at 4am, who cares? :-)

> YUM Disadvantages:
>   Wastes considerable bandwidth downloading header (.hdr) files.

Which is why the central shared repository is great for multiple local 
machines. For similar configs, headers are only grabbed once.

> APT Advantages:
>   Can remove entire trees of interdependent packages.

So can yum. Try yum remove httpd (don't say yes) as an experiment.

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