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Bjorn Andersen ba at linuxin.dk
Thu Feb 12 23:16:39 UTC 2004

tor, 2004-02-12 kl. 23:52 skrev David L Norris:

> Man pages, fonts, etc?  I think those would all fit on a single CD with
> a minimum system.  I made a single-CD multilingual GNOME installer as a
> 450 MB ISO from nothing but FC1 RPMs.  I did not include a full set of
> multilingual man pages and fonts but they should fit.  (Multilingual
> fonts, man pages, etc appear to be roughly 150 MB.)

What, no Danish OO.org??? :-)
You cant have all the languages of OOo fit into one CD.

Bjorn Andersen <ba at linuxin.dk>
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