inexa router breaks FC1 + KDE/Gnome

Trevor Smith trevor at
Sun Feb 15 08:39:12 UTC 2004

I bought an inexa ISW050t, 802.11b wireless router to share my ADSL
internet connection with my roommate. I plugged it in, started my
computer in Win2kpro and followed its simple instructions. This
involved opening a web browser and logging into,
which is apparently the IP address for a router. It all worked
flawlessly. I "cloned" something (a MAC address?) and my computer
immediately started working exactly as it had before in Win2k. All
tcp/ip connections worked fine.

I stuck the USB wireless device I had bought for my roomie's computer
in her USB slot and it worked, eventually. (She has Win98SE and it
wanted the Windows CD, which we don't have, so I had to bail on
whatever it was trying to install, but regardless, she now has a
connection the router upstairs, via the wireless controller.)

So everything is good. EXCEPT, when I then tried to boot to FC1, I can
no longer run either KDE (my prefered environment) or Gnome. There are
a few errors on boot, including:

NTPD: Synchronizing with time server [FAILED]


KDE, when it starts to open, says:

There was an error setting up inter process
communications for KDE. The message returned
by the system was:
Could not read network connection list.
Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running!

Then, eventually, KDE goes away and I get back to the login prompt. I
can't remember exactly what the symptom/report was with Gnome but I do
*NOT* get back a login prompt when I try to boot to Gnome and I must
use the reset button to regain control.

I CAN boot to a "safe" terminal window.

I don't have a clue what to do. Obviously Linux / Fedora / KDE / Gnome
is looking for something that isn't the same anymore, presumably
something to do with the hardware addresses of the router and / or ADSL

Where do I start? What program do I run? What do I look for? How do I
interpret it? What do I set and with what values?


 Trevor Smith    |    trevor at

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