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Mon Feb 16 20:57:43 UTC 2004

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Barry Yu 提到:
> In FC1, when I started to switch to Chinese Taiwan language, by
> selecting System Setting->Language, a language pop up displaying Chinse
> Hong Kong, Simplified Chinse and Chinse traditional (Taiwan) for
>    1. In this language selection pop up, in Chinse tradition (Taiwan),
>       one of the Chinese character is much small than the rest, looked
>       so shrunk.
>    2. I finished making language selection, logged out, and then logged
>       into X window again, seclected  Chinse characters came into place
>       all over the menu instead of English.  However, all Chinese
>       characters are looked just like being captured by a camera out of
>       precise focus - edge not sharp, contrast is very poor (at lease to
>       me), more like a color picture had been exposed under the sun for
>       long time.
> How can I improve this?
> Also, can anyone direct me to find a source that can enable me to import
> the M$ Chinse ttf fonts into FC1, I tried the FC archive but can't
find one.

This is something that have been arguing a lot of time And There is
Still no "win-win situation answer provided" However, here is the
reason. (Not the solution)

1) This Small and Shrunk fonts is Cause by ... UTF-8 (by default in FC1,
FC2) All Languages are trying to use UTF-8 as their main coding instate
of the old Big code. And because there is not much beautiful Utf-8
fonts, this cause the problem. (Other know about Utf-8 fonts to Chinese
Traditional is THERE are NO BOLD effect in this Code by default)

Possible Way to resolve this issue, It is know that this problem is
cause by fontconfig Problem can be solve by enable font hinting in fonts
but due to this hinting technology is an IP of someone, RH didn't
include it.

2) This is because RH is using True type fonts in the whole system.

In a M$ Windowz system it is using bitmap fonts actually, So it is
beautiful when it is small (about 9 ~ 12) But will be ugly when Big.

However it is just the reverse for True Type fonts, the bigger they are,
the more beautiful they are.

My Solution is Increase your Fonts Size by +2 overall.
And also decrease your Icon size to 75% it is nice in that way.

Someone also provided a Solution about changing M$ fonts to be the
system fonts. It is just Nice for small fonts and Ugly fonts for Big

Here is the page that you can get all the solution you might want But it
is Not going to be in Red hat (Not the near release)

But this might be the specify answer you and I looking for :)

Thank You and Enjoy
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