ximian evolution freezes while typing etc.

Alexander H.M. Ruoff alexander.ruoff at ruoff-germany.de
Wed Feb 18 18:32:13 UTC 2004

Hi all,

got a problem with evolution every 5 minutes. I type my reply and from time to 
time nothing happens. The cursor within the editor is frozen but I can still use 
my mouse to switch to other desktops applications or windows. I can even continue 
typing without seeing anything changing and after 10 seconds or so, the text 
within the email just appeared including the stuff I have written "blind".

I run Fedora C1 with the KDE environment on a Toshiba Satellite with a PIII 600 
and 192 MB RAM. 

Thing is, it's just annoying since nothing really happens, just I don't see for a 
couple of seconds what I write. However, whatever I do or type while evolution is 
frozen, it happens after that short freeze.

Thanks fort your help and advice

PS:  While I typed this email, the above described problem occurred 4 times. :(

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