Dennis J. Sullivan dsullivan at
Wed Feb 18 21:28:29 UTC 2004

Brittany wrote:

> Does Fedora has an automatic built in Firewall? I have broadband but I dont
> have a router, as i cannot afford a busniess package. All i am worried about
> is an anti virus, Firewall, HTML builder ( Doesnt dreamweaver MX accepts
> Linux?!?!??!) and couple of Graphic creation tools, as i tend to like making
> graphics.
> Can anybody recommend me some of the programs that i suggested that accepts
> Fedora?\

   I'm in the same boat the you are except that I'm replacing Windows on 
a Laptop.

I used a firm called "Cheap Bytes"

to purchase a copy of Fedora and a program called Koppix

Both are available free via download but it looked to me that it would 
tie up my computer for hours so I just bought disks from a company that 
downloaded them.

Koppix is a CD based operating system.  You put it in your CD and then 
change your start-up sequence so that your computer boots from CD first 
then hard drive.  Usually when you turn your computer on, you are given 
an option to select F2 (function key 2) to change your bios settings.

Koppix has all of the look and feel of the x-windows look and feel of 
Linux and will help you decide if it is worth the hassle to learn all of 
the goofy program names and stuff.


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