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Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Wed Feb 18 21:59:24 UTC 2004

Alexander H.M. Ruoff wrote:
>>Hello Alex
>>My experience iss that many users just want to play with there computers
>>and this works better with MS. I had installed a view Systems for
>>Computer Newbies and Beginners and they learned very fast to work and
>>handle Linux. But the second question was "and games ....."
>>A fiew firms thinking of change from Microsoft to Linux but this is a
>>hard way for the companies when they had specific Software for Microsoft
>>and paid for this much money.
>>But for example last year I worked for the Fraunhofer Institut they are
>>looking for answers on linux based System ,,,, and it works very well
>>So I hope the games will also change to Linux for a better Life ;)
>>Dirk Wendland
> Hi Dirk,
> I know that problem and wine won't help, thus I will install a naked W98
> or XP for the couple of games I like to play. I tried some of the linux
> games when I was bored over christmas but I didn't manage to get them
> running (torcs & racer). 
> Anyway... I am just a 'normal' user not a pro and thus I will reduce
> Windows to my personal playstation.
> Alex
> PS: There are more and more games coming out for Linux but I want only
> my old Need for Speed III and V running so if there is a possibility
> under Linux, I am happy to try it ;)

Then there is winex that seems to be geared for gamers.  I haven't 
tried it though.

Release notes with a whole list of games listed.
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