Backward compatability ?

Alexandre Strube surak at
Thu Feb 19 01:57:43 UTC 2004

Em Qua, 2004-02-18 às 22:01, The Engineer escreveu:
> a)    Would FC 1 install over RH 6.2 or is it advisable to backup what
> I can from RH 6.2 and then wipe my existing partitions and do a clean
> installation of FC 1 ??  

It would be much better. 6.2 is so old that the results are not

> b)    Does FC 2 (Test 1) install over FC 1 ??  (or when the final
> version comes out)

Seems it installs, but its dead-end. test2,3... final will not be
installable over test1.


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