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Brian Ashe rhlist at
Thu Feb 19 03:00:44 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 06:25, Clint wrote:
> I've got a job that I need to do in-house to save some money. The output
> needs to be a 16"x20" print (that I hope to get done at Kinko's since I
> don't have a printer in that large of a format) with a black background
> and white letters in a basic font that Fedora comes with. The problem
> is: I'm out of my element for this task.
> I tried OpenOffice, but the largest size is 96pt, and just is way too
> small.
> I tried Gimp, but the largest font size there was 72pt, and thus too
> small. My Grokking the Gimp text didn't have any advice (that I could
> find).
> That makes me believe I'm not thinking about the problem correctly, and
> need some advice!
> This box is a fully-loaded FC1 machine with yum config'd, but I don't
> know what software to even start searching for, and need some idea of
> what tool/software I really should be considering. The resulting
> printout is going in a nice frame for a string quartet. I like the look
> of what I did in Gimp, but it just isn't big enough.
> I sure could use some advice here. Is there a software package that is
> available via yum (or otherwise) that fits the bill for creating a large
> -- really large -- document/font size? Am I doing something wrong in
> Gimp and it can do the job?

I haven't used 1.2x version of Gimp for a while so I can't remember if it 
allows you to actually change the font to something greater then 72 by simply 
typing it in, but I believe it did. If not you could always upgrade to the 
2.0pre version and do almost anything (it also now handles CMYK).

You could also use something more suited to the task like Sodipodi (similar to 
Illustrator) or Scribus (similar to Pagemaker). Both of these will easily 
handle what you want to do. The later also supports direct to PDF so you can 
take that almost anywhere to get it printed.

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