How to get KDE 3.2 for FC1 that recognizes ALSA?

James Jones jamesjones01 at
Thu Feb 19 05:43:05 UTC 2004

Mary Ellen Foster wrote:

>Not that I know of ... but it's not that big a deal to rebuild the necessary 
>RPMS from the SRPMS (also available from, or wherever you 
>got the RPMS from). Enabling ALSA is just a matter of changing a "0" to a "1" 
>in a couple of .spec files, as I recall.
>I'm not currently on the machine where I did the above, but my recollection is 
>that it's just aRts and kdelibs that you need to rebuild to get ALSA working. 
>I also rebuilt kdemultimedia, but IIRC that was just to enable mpeglib.
Much obliged; I've grabbed the SRPM for arts and the .spec appears to have
the very knob that you allude to. I'll report the results in this thread 
for the
sake of others who might have tripped over this.

(Given that ALSA's the default for 2.6, I presume arts in KDE for FC2 
will have this
knob twisted from the get-go.)


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