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Robin Laing Robin.Laing at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
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James Kosin wrote:
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> | > I decided to make a whole new topic about this because i think it should
> I agree with you on this; but, Microsoft has its uses as well.  Part of the
> problem with Windows is that they tried to make everything as much backward
> compatible as possible...  Without looking at the 120,000 different
> applications, drivers, special proprietary cards, etc.
> Windows usually works well as long as you don't install anything on it.  As
> soon as you start installing applications things get skrewy quickly.  Mostly
> because of OS files getting overritten by application installs.

But Windows is so user friendly and according to M$, the total cost of 
ownership is much lower than Linux. :)

Oh, yea, they paid for the research that wasn't a true research 
project or a valid conclusion.  Even one of the research companies has 
changed their policies since.

> I've had to rebuild my Windows machine many times because of things like
> this.
I have yet to rebuild a linux machine in almost 10 years.

> Thanks,
> James

Robin Laing

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