Micro$oft $uck$

M.Hockings veeshooter at hockings.net
Thu Feb 19 23:27:03 UTC 2004

Alexandre Strube wrote:

>Em Qui, 2004-02-19 às 17:16, Paul escreveu:
>>Nope. No need to move over. Mozilla 1.6 can handle anything you want to
>>throw at it. If a site is so badly broken as to be using knackered
>>Javascript or something else daft client side, then the author deserves
>>a good kicking and company doesn't deserve your trade.
>When mozilla opens www.pcchips.com.tw correctly, I'll say WOW. But this
>site is so bad that they have a link to file:///I:/ECS%20Site/legal.htm
>on the index page...
The pcchips site seems to open ok for me (Mozilla 1.6 on Win2K).  What 
do you see as the problem?  The file:// link is the site author's 
problem, not the browser's.

There are some flyover things that don't appear in Mozilla but then the 
javascript is not right. WinIE will run javascript that is wrong and not 
report a problem.  If you look in the Moz  javascript console after 
loading that page you will see the errors, I will leave it as an 
exercise for the reader to figure out what is wrong.  IMHO if IE did not 
disguise sooooo many errors that are in Web pages these days we would 
have less problems with "bad" Web sites.


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