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Andrew Robert arobert at
Thu Feb 19 23:46:17 UTC 2004

Hi Everyone,

My Mozilla v1.6 under FC1 opened the site without issue.

All of the top buttons worked fine.

Is there a chance you do not have java-script enabled on your browser?

Alternately, is it possible you are missing a required plug-in?

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 18:37, Alexandre Strube wrote:

> Em Qui, 2004-02-19 às 20:27, M.Hockings escreveu:
> > >When mozilla opens correctly, I'll say WOW. But this
> > The pcchips site seems to open ok for me (Mozilla 1.6 on Win2K).  What 
> > do you see as the problem?  The file:// link is the site author's 
> > problem, not the browser's.
> The menus on top of the screen. The open stuff on ie, on mozilla they
> just get a mouseover, and do nothing.
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