HP LaserJet 1000

Achille Miele achillemiele at tiscali.it
Fri Feb 20 00:12:22 UTC 2004

Alle 20:23, giovedì 19 febbraio 2004, Mario St-Gelais ha scritto:
> I started not so long ago with Linux.  Initially, I installed SUSE Linux
> and with some pain was able to install my HP printer.
> Then I switched to Fedora and I haven't been able to make that damn
> printer puke some printed stuff.  I followed all instructions as per
> http://www.linuxprinting.org/ without success.  When I do "cat
> sihp1000.img > /dev/usb/lp0" the printer burps out some noise indicating
> I guess that the driver is being loaded buy yet it won't print.  Looking
> at log files I get all kind of messages according to flavor of the day I
> guess : "paper tray empty" or "printer faults".  But I damn know it is
> not empty.
> What am I gonna do switch back to SUSE??
> Suggestions??

I've had the same problem, solved viewing printer logs. Check if you have 
foo2zjs installed in your system, I had not.
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