iptables anyone???

Mitch Wiedemann mc2 at lightlink.com
Fri Feb 20 18:16:01 UTC 2004

Rick Stevens wrote:

> Have you tried reading the iptables HOW-TO?  Or use a decent firewall
> builder such as FireStarter (http://firestarter.sourceforge.net) to
> have a nice GUI to do it with.

Just want to say thanks to Rick for recommending firestarter!
It was easy to download and install, and more importantly, it has 
allowed me to configure a firewall, and easily let through NFS traffic 
from my wife's computer!  Finally!

People who have come from Windows, using ZoneAlarm, should check out 
Firestarter in Fedora Core.

Oh, and thanks to the firestarter developers for creating a most useful 
and simple tool!

Mitch Wiedemann
mc² Computer Consulting
mc2 at lightlink.com

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