Installing Core 1 on HP notebook

Kazutoshi Morioka morioka at
Sat Feb 21 08:17:38 UTC 2004

If your problem is that your keyboard doesn't work while installation.
Change your notebook's BIOS setting and try again.
Disable "USB legacy support" or similar in your BIOS.

In article <BAY8-F121aM5hBJWf3J0001e63a at>
devjit_n at writes:

>> I am trying to install Core 1. Config is AMD Athlon-XP(M) 1.87 GHz, 192 MB 
>> RAM + 64 MB shared video mem, 15" XGA TFT with ATI Radeon card. I dont seem 
>> to be able to proceed with the installation after the kernel image is 
>> uncompressed from boot CD, in either text or graphics mode. Is this a 
>> problem with drivers/resolution? I would appreciate any 
>> help/suggestions/insight.

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