Giving up on Linux...

Jos Vos jos at
Sun Feb 22 12:07:28 UTC 2004

On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 01:57:22PM +0200, xyzzy at wrote:

> If vendors have hidden contracts or are being blackmailed by M$, what good 
> would it do to complain to them about their lack of support for Linux?

More pressure == more chance that things chance.

> This is the crux of why M$ still has the stranglehold it has in the desktop 
> market and will continue to for a good long while even if the Open Source 
> solution is free.  [...]

This is called an (almost) monopoly and that's exactly why the vendors
don't *have* to care for your (and our) problems, *unless* we represent
a slice of the market that can't be ignored anymore.

After having done investigations for new laptops that work with Linux,
I completely understand your frustration.  But after having worked with
UNIX and Linux *only* (*never* used Windows) for 20 years now, I will
never give up...

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