post installation problems

Brian Marsh b.marsh at
Sun Feb 22 13:42:31 UTC 2004


I'm afraid that I am still fairly new to Linux, so please forgive my
ignorance if I ask an annoying question. Also, I have tried to search
the archives for this mail list but the redhat site always claims that
it unavailable when I try to search so I can't be sure that someone else
has already struggled with this problems.

The first problem is that the Add/Remove Applications facility does not
appear to work. It runs, checks the packages I have installed, allows me
to select new ones to install, instructs me as to which discs I will
need, I then hit okay and it returns the following 

"Error installing packages

There was an error installing packages.


And that is it. It does not matter what packages I pick, the response is
always the same. The discs are fine - certainly I had no problems
installing from them in the first place and I can manually install
applications from them but I would like to add the development tools (I
need to compile some programmes) but can't add them.

Any ideas?

Also, another thing that has been confusing me is the whole PCMCIA /
Network cards stuff. I have it working for now, but from what I can tell
during boot up is that the system tries to initiate network card before
the PCMCIA and therefore claims that the card (eth0) cannot be found.
Can anyone point me to some information regarding these types of issues
so I can gain a better understanding of what is going on?

I am running the FC1 on a Dell Inspiron 4000 (PII Celeron 700, 256MB RAM
with a Xircom 10/100 56K Modem). I have the GNOME desktop installed.
Everything is from the ISO's downloaded a week ago.

I have to say, after coming from 14 years of MSDOS/Windows, I am pretty
impressed with this stuff overall!


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