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Donald Correll donaldcorrell at
Mon Feb 23 05:34:29 UTC 2004

Dear Carlos et al.:
  I have been able to succesfully install and run evey Loki Game under 
various distors from Mandrake, and Red Hat on thru Suse (. The only game 
that proved dificult was Heretic 11).Besides even finding a copy of Loki 
Loader configuring xfree 86 for my Nvidia card took the most time.
 Quake 3 ran straight out of the box off the CD on Redhat 8.0, It for 
instance still  runs like a bat out of Hell on Suse 9.0 Pro. Loki was 
short lived but very prolific. many of these titles are still available 
on sources like Ebay and Amazon. Try a google search and you might be 
amazed how many and how cheap that are still available. I cannot wait 
till rws long promised Postal 2 Linux arrives. That should kick ass and 
rock! another link of interest might be :Damage Studios, Reconstruction also :,24330,3590865,00.html 
Surf around this Web Site for many tips and tutorials on Linux in 
Penguin friendly country.
Donald Correll

>On Sat, 2004-02-21 at 04:38, John Klingler wrote:
>>And I think part of the reason they don't is because there are so many
>>different linux distributions/configurations that simply their increased
>>end-user tech support costs would really start to bite into their profits.
>John makes a very good point.  If games were made to run natively under
>Linux, how long would these games be functional before kernel/module/API
>changes to the OS break the game? 1 - 2 years?
>For example, with little effort I could make "Day of the Tentacle" for
>MSDOS and run under Windows XP.
>This is a game that was developed round the early-mid 90's.  Granted, I
>can attempt to use Wine(X) to get this game working under Linux.
>My point is, if "Day of the Tentacle" was developed for the Linux
>platform from the mid 90's, what are the chances of that game still
>natively functioning under todays Linux platform?
>It's not unheard of for backward compatibility to be dropped in the name
>of advancing the functionality of Linux at times.
>That's my 2 cents worth.

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